Your Year Of Expansion - 10.01.2021

I love working with change-makers, leaders, purpose driven entrepreneurs, executives, writers, coaches and speakers. 

Now more than ever before, the world needs us to play our part in creating the best possible reality for all of us and future generations. This is what drives my passion to help my clients to become even more impactful. 


My Story


Since a was a child, I was deeply guided by my intuition which had a positive impact on my life and those around me.

At the age of 21, I left Poland and came to England. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. After this, my life took magical turn which enabled me to fully step into living my life’s true purpose.

For almost 2 decades I had the huge privilege of working with people diagnosed with cancer. This gave me a deep understanding of the effect that our emotions, fears, and thoughts have on our health and wellbeing. I also witnessed how the power of the mind and heart can transform and create miracles.

Intuition is the key


My intuition even led me to creating a pioneering and powerful method - The Expansion Game. This transformational tool can shift your biggest fears into your biggest successes.

My best-selling book “The Expansion Game” was voted The Best Coaching Book in the Soul and Sprit Book Awards 2018.

I love helping people to enhance their clarity, confidence and contribution. I ‘see’ their unique gifts and what steps they need to take in order to create their best possible future.

My free time


What nourishes me deeply is spending time in nature, barefoot walking, wild swimming, hiking in the mountains, and making delicious meals. 

My passion for healthy eating began when I was inspired to become a vegetarian, aged 13. In my early twenties, my love of cooking eventually led me to start working as a professional macrobiotic cook for people with cancer. 

My food is gluten, dairy, sugar-free, and cooked according to 5 elements. My absolute favourite dessert is buckwheat pancakes with dandelion coffee!

I also enjoy growing my own vegetables, meditating, dancing, singing, and travelling to beautiful places in the world with people I love. 

But…what gives me the greatest joy is helping others to live their best lives.

I believe we are experiencing a very important moment in the history of our precious planet, one where the old structures are falling apart.

If you are here at this time you are called to play your part in creating the world you want to live in.

More than ever before we need to learn how to embrace our fears and connect with our hearts in order to use our inner wisdom to navigate those changes with trust, love and confidence. 

Deep inside we all have the answers, but we need to learn how to ask powerful question and listen.

A daily time for inner peace and joy can bring a lot more progress than endless hard work and pushing.

Our thoughts and feelings effect the world profoundly.

 The best thing we can do for the planet is stop procrastinating on our deepest dreams and take responsibility for our own happiness.

What others think about Gosia work

“Gosia supported my transformation to senior leadership, guiding me through the balance I required across my professional and personal lives. By introducing me to newpowerful practises and tools, Gosia helped me to release my fears and live my ideal life”

Michelle Roberts

UK Marketing Director BMW

“Spending a day with my ‘fairy godmother’ changed me, in ways I hadn’t expected and the change was instant.  I was calm, confident, and at peace with myself and from that day forward life & business became easy and my relationships as well as my business blossomed. I am eternally grateful and constantly tell people they need to see Gosia for a dose of her magic.”

Chris Masters

CEO and Founder of The WoWW!

“Gosia helped me to connect to my purpose and go past my own fears and insecurities. Working with her gave me the clarity and strength that enabled me to transform my life and embark on a big global project I never thought I would have the courage to do. ”

Virginia Castel- Srivastava

The Creator of Mindful Joy and Peace Summit

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